March 29, 2015

GCCR Recognizes the Volunteers of the Year

During Saturday’s Equality for All Festival, we recognized just a few of the volunteers that make GCCR a great asset to the community.  We are fortunate to have volunteers who help us every day processing items in Diveristy Thrift, and each week who help with programming and bingo operations. Our Volunteers of the Year for 2011 were recognized for their outstanding work in 2010.  Our 2010 Volunteers of the Year are: Nicholas Enright for his tireless work at Diversity Thrift, Steve Kelley and Tara Boulier for their frequent help with bingo, and the SAGE Steering Committee whose energy and enthusiasm helped start a fantastic new program here at the thrift.

Nicholas “Nick” Enright is one of our most dedicated Diversity Thrift volunteers.  He is often here 4 – 5 days a week, week after week.  He helps with almost every area in Diversity Thrift, from cleaning and straightening shelves to helping lift heavy furniture.  He is always cheerful and has a great attitude and will do anything that the Diversity Thrift staff ask of him.  He has been a gift and we were very proud to recognize Nick for his volunteer work at Diversity Thrift.

Tara Boulier and Steve Kelley from SomeBuddies Animal Rescue have been equally dedicated in our bingo operations.  We are lucky to have help from a number of other non-profits in the area and none of these volunteers have been more consistent and enthusiastic than Tara and Steve.  They not only believe in the mission of SomeBuddies, Inc, to help all cats find loving and caring homes, they believe in our mission seeking equaility for all people.  Tara and Steve frequently help out even when they are not scheduled, coming to our rescue when we call, just as they have helped rescue countless cats.  For more information about SomeBuddies, Inc. check out their website:

Last but not least, the SAGE Steering Committee was formed last July to explore the possibilities and logistics of starting a SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders) affiliate here in Richmond.  Because of the tireless work, passion and enthusiasm of this group of volunteers working with the Program Director Cindy Bray (Committee Co-chair), programming started in August and affiliate status was attained in nine months.  The volunteers who are part of this committee are:  Shannon Marling (Committee Co-chair), Jean Abbott, Jim Burns, Mazie Florance, Lisa Furr,  Bob Jones, Bonnie Nemeth, Terrie Pendleton, LCSW,  Dr. Thelma Watson,  and Dr. Tarynn Witten.  To find out more about our affiliate here in Richmond go to

These obviously are not all the volunteers here at GCCR.  We appreciate the efforts of all of our volunteers and we hope that you all know that the time, energy and talent that you bring to GCCR enriches our the lives of the staff here and the life of the organization.  Because of all of the volunteer efforts we are able to keep our doors open and our lights on in a much more efficient manner. If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact Cindy Bray at or fill out this form online:

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